06 of the top 10 consumer-goods companies in colombia trust lucro to drive brand and category growth

How we work?

+ 1M

sales advisors

+ 85.00

Sku's trained

+ 2.300

Data points

We specialize in develop Artificial Intelligence solutions that empower clients to make real-time decisions through our cutting-edge technological innovations. Our commitment to pushing boundaries is evident in our approach—major projects kick off with pilot tests, showcasing the effectiveness of our technology.

How do we collect information?

Every visual element perceptible by the human eye is transformed into actionable data by our technology

Sales transaction point

We understand how the point of sale works in real time, collecting data that we transform into insights for consumers.

Lucro Vendor

It is a technological development in which we manage to transform images into data through personalized algorithms:


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  • Out of stock
  • Share of market
  • Share of Visual Inventory
  • Product Presence
  • Point of Purchase material.
  • Price Check

Lucro Vision

Humanless technology that allows information to be collected 24/7 within the point of sale through smart cameras.


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  • Out of stock
  • Sell in - Sell Out
  • Predictive Models
  • A/B Testing
  • Parameterized dashboards

Price Check

We generate a comprehensive price history, enabling us to conduct thorough comparisons of products across various retailers' e-commerce platforms

What can we evaluate?


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  • Prices
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Perfect store
  • New releases

Smart Promotions

We revolutionize the way traditional promotions are carried out through technological developments

Lucro Loyalty

Through a Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence, the possibility of building customer loyalty is generated through a promotional campaign driven by gamification systems.


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  • Benefits
  • Gamification system
  • Image recognition
  • Consumer loyalty
  • Information crossings

What our clients say

From entrepreneurs to established companies, our section of testimonials from those who have trusted our services reflect the satisfaction, confidence and results achieved.