Our purpose

We aim for companies to recognize the critical significance of accessing real-time data. This understanding will enable them to make more precise decisions, fostering the development of higher-value strategies anchored in consumer behaviour. Such an approach is key to boosting their sales and enhancing their competitiveness in the market.

We are recognized for


At Lucro we have achieved very important milestones that highlight our history over the years with the experience we have acquired, becoming the benchmark in artificial intelligence, where we have participated in fairs, events, seminars, webinars, etc.


Conferencias especializadas en Mercadeo


Evento de 500 startups de Latinoamérica.

Capital Summit

Mejores emprendimientos Latinoamericanos.

Consumer Immersion

Jornada Académica del día mundial del consumidor.

Scale Up (Endeavor)

Programa exclusivo de escalabilidad empresarial

Embdata Tech

Aplicabilidad de la Inteligencia Artificial (Consumo Masivo)

Go Fest

Festival Lationamericano de emprendimientos tecnologícos.


Ronda de Inversión de Startups innovadoras.


Estrategias de Marketing aplicadas al Shopping


Aplicabilidad de la IA en el consumo masivo